The opportunity we offer with this line is to apply our whole heritage of information and research accumulated over the years in order to make it possible to consider most of our varieties suitable for growing in pots. They have become entitled to belong to the offer of flowering pots, with their compact bearing and large and long-lasting flowers. They are available as seeds or as rhizomes, in single colours or in mixtures.

This collection is particularly suitable both for planning flowering for the winter months and for gardens and flowerbeds meant to flower in spring. To achieve flowering in December and January, it is necessary to plant size 4/5 rhizomes in size 12/14 pots, while to achieve flowering in spring size 2 or ¾ rhizomes should be planted in size 10/12 pots.


Anemones in pots, a new cultivar featuring plenty of single flowers and particularly thick and resistant foliage, with stems that stand out, making the plant elegant. Available both as seeds and as rhizomes but only in mixed colours. Anemone Concerto by Biancheri C. is a cultivar crated starting out from genetic materials supplied by CRA-FSO in the framework of the VIVAFLOR project.



Buttercups for pots, plants of average height, particularly suitable for production in pots and planting in gardens. It has large flowers and thick foliage and may be helped also with growth regulators. Available as seeds. Rhizomes available only in mixed colours.



Anemones in pots, an exclusive variety for production in pots. The plant produces medium-sized flowers but in large quantities and they flower for long periods, and the foliage is very compact, thanks also to the use of growth regulators. Available as seeds. Available as rhizomes only in mixed colours.



Anemones in pots. This hybrid variety has been created solely for growing in pots. The flower, with its particular chromatic effect, is double and flowering is abundant and long-lasting. The use of growth regulators is recommended to make the plant compact and strong. Available as seeds, while rhizomes are available only in mixed colours.



Buttercups in pots. Plant of a genetically reduced size. This hybrid variety has been selected for growing in small size 10/12 pots. In order to obtain a compact foliage, one or two applications of growth regulators are recommended, depending on the area where growing is carried out and on the degree of light. Available as seeds. Rhizomes are available only in mixed colours.