Our Elegance line of buttercups has always been our heritage of values, all expressed in the important variety of colours that are harmonised with one another in pastel-coloured ranges featuring soft and delicate contrasts. We have resorted to genetic improvement through the traditional interbreeding process, thus obtaining flowers featuring a large-sized corolla and a circle of homogeneously structured petals. A history of years of research has led this collection to consist of varieties that are particularly highly appreciated and consolidated on the market. This line presents different varieties with some common characteristics such as early production, large-sized flowers, high productivity, strength of the plants, straight and long stems an very high general quality standards. In practice they suit all sorts of climatic conditions and different growing techniques. The flowers will bloom after about 8 weeks in a temperate climate, taking longer, even up to 16 weeks in cooler climates. Already after three months it is possible to enjoy flowering of up to 4 flowers on each plant, reaching 12 flowers in 6 months. The flowers of this buttercup love to bloom with the strongest light and to open in the early hours of the evening. It is suggested to wait for this process to take place twice running so as to increase the quality and the size of each flower.  It is advisable to cut the flowers early in the morning. This line is available in packages of seeds and as bulbs. A collection that we have called Elegance® Spring collects genetically improved varieties by hybridization, even if it is a seed line, because over time it has achieved particular qualities such as early medium flowering, even larger flowers, lush and robust fronds and stems.