The Clone Pon Pon buttercup is the natural evolution of the buttercup flower. Thanks to cloning, it has been possible to obtain separate cultivars that are stable, homogeneous and uniform, reproducing all the selected features. This is the result of long and patient work that over many years has given rise to a continuous and constant wish to be surprised by nature’s ability to give us emotions. This line is its expression, with the characteristic ball-like shape of the corolla, full of petals and featuring unusual and new colours. Alongside its apparent countrified look it maintains its formally elegant bearing for up to three weeks in bunches. Cloned in vitro, each selected variety is always homogeneous and has uniform characteristics. They love to bloom in the strongest possible light and to open in the early evening. It is suggested that one should wait for this whole process to be repeated at least twice running so as to increase the quality and the size of the flower. It is advised to cut the flowers in the early morning.