The buttercups of the Cloni Success line are the natural evolution that Biancheri C. has been able to develop in many years of dealing with the world of buttercups. Work, research, innovation and love for this flower have originated in time new developments inside the company, with the creation and diversification of various sorts of equipment, such as those in the research and propagation centre, the permanent control lab and the nursery area. All this has led, over the years and thanks to the cloning practice, to the natural evolution of the species, which has now given rise to this line of particularly highly appreciated buttercups.

The buttercups belonging to each variety are always the same, homogenous and with uniform characteristics. Cloned in vitro, the full value of this plant is clearly noticeable, thanks to the vocation aimed at obtaining strong and pasty colours, with great depths between the petals and at the same time featuring with delicate elegance. They love to bloom in the strongest light and to open in the early hours of the evening. It is suggested to wait for this to happen at least two times running so as to increase the quality and the size of the flowers. It is advised to cut the flowers early in the morning. Available only as bulbs.